Trauma Insurance

Trauma Insurance

Trauma insurance gives you peace of mind from knowing that if you suffered one of a number of specified illnesses or injuries such as cancer, stroke or heart attack, then you are entitled to receive a cash payment. This cash can be used by you for whatever you think is best, whether it is to

  • Reduce debt,
  • Fund a recuperative holiday
  • Pay for a home alteration
  • Pay for alternative treatment overseas
  • Replace lost earnings of both the sick person and a spouse taking time out to provide care.

I am a strong advocate of this important protection, because in the last 16 years I have seen the benefit of a client receiving cash, at an otherwise stressful time- when a client is sick. Claims paid have been close to $1.5million dollars.

I firmly believe the reason that my clients that have received a claim are still alive and leading productive lives is due to them not having financial worries in addition to the stress caused by illness.

I can help you choose the trauma insurance cover that is best for you and for your budget.

FAQ’s for a Trauma Insurance Broker

“ A question I am often asked is whether being paid a trauma insurance claim depends on whether or not you can work.
The answer is no. Being paid a trauma claim does not depend on whether or not you can work. A trauma claim is made when you meet the definition of a trauma claim for your particular type of cover.
Many of my clients have continued to work, and this is often seen as an aid to recovery. Receiving the funds from a trauma claim took the pressure off, and they did not work because they needed to but because they chose to. It is better they are in this position though, than needing to work.”

Adrian Schwarz - Wellington Insurance Broker

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