About Adrian Schwarz

Adrian Schwarz
Life can be unexpected. We can’t plan for that BUT we can be prepared.
Protect what is important to you.

About Me

I have been an insurance adviser since 1986, following my graduating from Victoria University with a B.A. in Economics. I had a very brief spell working at National Mutual Head Office, but quickly realized I enjoy working with people and because of this elected to become an insurance adviser with National Mutual. Following significant changes in the insurance industry in the 90’s, companies no longer provided offices, and advisers represented a full range of companies, rather than just one company

How I Work

I like to have an initial meeting over a cup of coffee so we get to know each other. If, as a result of that initial meeting, you decide you would like me to review your requirements and if I believe I can assist you, we would arrange to have another meeting where we complete an in depth analysis of your situation and requirements. Based on this I provide my recommendations which you would consider in your own time.

Your Protection

The decision of protecting yourself, your family and or your business is ultimately up to you.

You will have the peace of mind from knowing a full review has occurred considering a wide range of scenarios and comparing options from a wide range of insurance companies.

Why Me?

I am a well established insurance broker that always puts the needs of my clients first. My clients only deal with me, so can be assured of personal attention. I have clients that have been clients since I started in 1986.

I am  based in Wellington but my clients move around the country and I endeavour to keep in contact wherever they are, and always pleased to visit my clients in Auckland, Taranaki, Hawkes Bay, Bay of Plenty and places in between.

The companies I work with

Adrian Schwarz - Wellington Insurance Broker

Ask me any questions, anytime. Happy to meet when it suits you.